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Wireless Services, Hotspot Solutions, VPN/MPLS, VSAT Installation, etc.

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IP-Infrasturcture, Data Storage, Disaster Recovery, Outsourced Services, Video Conferencing, etc.

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Telemarketing, On-Premise Contact Center, Off-Site Contact Center, Cloud Based and Hybrid.

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About Us

Zeta-Web Nigeria Limited (ZNL) is an ICT firm with significant expertise in designing, deploying and managing technology solutions in Nigeria and across Africa.
We provide a balance between Fast Reliable Internet Solutions and Business Quality Technology Solutions on a cost effective platform to ensure operational efficiency for our clients.

We deploy the most advanced technology solutions and services at our clients' end for business growth and continuity; while ensuring all their goals and objectives are achieved seamlessly.

We have Three (3) major subsidiaries that ensures all aspects of your business processes are handled on a single platform.

Zeta-Web Nigeria Limited is an ISP company that provides Fast Reliable Internet Solutions across the Federation.

Zeta-Web Business Solution handles all technology and business-enabling solutions from SMEs to large enterprises.

Zeta-Web Contact Center offers different high level contact center solutions to small, medium and large organizations.


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32, Providence Street,
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos,